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What is Big Red?

Big Red is the fastest university-owned supercomputer in the nation, capable of operating at a peak rate of one petaFLOPS, or one thousand trillion floating-point operations per second -- 25 times faster than the university's original Big Red supercomputer, acquired in 2006.

Big Red II is the first one petaFLOPS supercomputer in the state of Indiana. Offering unmatched speed, Big Red II will help scientists and scholars accelerate breakthroughs in fields that are changing the way Hoosiers live, work, learn and grow.


P.K. Patel, PE - Indiana University - Engineer & Director of Engineering Services

John P. O’Brien, PE - Heapy Engineering – Mission Critical Practice Leader




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 Option-2: E-mail or call Kris Stewart: kstewart@hydstm.com 317-577-8326, stating your name, company, the number of reservations required, and your phone number.

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